Monthly Archieves: March 2015


A Watch by Any Other Name

Gadgets, gizmos, devices – we’ve more than a few around the office. However the line might be drawn at a $17,000 bangle.

Much has been made of the hotly anticipated Apple watch, particularly the price tag of the upmarket Apple Watch Edition at a minimum $10,000. From where we sit, there are a few things about it that just rub us the wrong way:

1. If you were going to spend ten/s of thousands on a watch, wouldn’t you prefer some status – or bling – with that? A Tag Heuer or Rolex appeals to our sense of beauty and status in a way that the name Apple somewhat does not.

2. Something about an Apple watch seems to remind us of being 10 and really really needing a Casio Baby-G to feel in with the primary school crowd. Who needs playground angst as an adult?

3. It blurs the line between work and personal, on task and down time, with its multitude of functions. Phone, message, check the time or send your heartbeat to a friend. Seriously? There’s something scarily stalker about that particular aspect. Apple tells us on its website that “the Apple watch represents a new chapter in the relationship people have with technology” (, 2015). We doubt we’re alone in our concern that there is never any escape from technology such as this. Exercise, at home with the kids, your connection travels with you. It’s hard enough to find a work/life balance without a weight strapped to your wrist!


Let’s be straight. To purchasers of this overpriced, under-styled do-it-all, this is a gadget whose prime function is anything but that of a timepiece. There seems to be two options – people will buy the watch simply as a display of disposable income, or it will be acquired as yet another way to stay connected, current and on the clock. Frankly, neither option appeals to us and we have better things to do with our time to worry about it.