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Tech Heads – Work or Pleasure?

Is technology for work or pleasure?

As a household of tech-savvy Gen Y’s, gadgets and gizmos have long accompanied our family on trips away. Lately it seems everyone spends more time interacting with a digital screen than taking a step back and enjoying the serenity. So we read Charles Wright’s latest blog – available here: http://www.smh.com.au/digital-life/mobiles/phablet-fine-on-holiday-20140115-30tjn.html – with interest and a tongue firmly in cheek.

What we found surprised us. Wright considers the ways in which all our mobile technologies can help us relax as opposed to work:

“We installed the Amazon Kindle app and settled on the couch with a copy of The Book Thief…

Once we downloaded the Cricket Australia app, we were able to enjoy the latest instalments of the demolition of English pretensions to the Ashes”

 In our case, it’s only the tiny people of the household who endeavour to use the iPad for fun (cue various musical Fisher-Price app varieties). Even on holiday, our IPhones, Androids, iPads and compact laptops are present simply for keeping in touch with emails and responding to work emergencies. It was a revelation to think of the ways we could use technology for fun – cricket scores even!

In our office and our home, we have a very wide selection of technologies, from Apple to Android and everything in between. One of the best things we do every day is provide advice to our customers about what sorts of technologies would suit them best in the work environment. It’s something we really enjoy in keeping up to date on new devices, apps and platforms. Now we can consider the benefits of each from a fun perspective too, just adds to our interest.

Talk to us today if you’re considering purchasing a new device – for work or pleasure!

What do you like best about your favourite device?

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