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SOS – Search Our System

Posted October 8, 2014 by ray@impressitsolutions.com.au in Technology

Since the launch of Microsoft 8, many people have struggled finding their way around their computer, particularly with the lack of a Start button. Add to that, the complication of not knowing where or how to search all files, photos and other bits and bobs that you have (and feel like are hiding!) on your desktop machine, other devices and in the cloud. Check out this useful YouTube that gives great ideas on how to find everything in one quick search – Smart Search!

Not only does this clever little design search quickly and easily, it does so straight from the start screen, and activates your findings immediately – for example, search the beginning of a song title and it can play prior to you finishing what you’re typing!

This is a Bing software design so it integrates your own files and photos, with Bing internet searches on the topic you have typed. This is super smart and best of all, presented in such a visually interesting and simple way that everyone can understand it.

Top 3 things we love:

-          How easy and simple it is to find everything

-          The extra information that Bing

-          The advice on what apps customers can use to help with their search

Admittedly, Bing is not our search engine of choice but we are quite impressed with this app. Anything that makes our life easier is a winner in our book, and we feel that many of you can benefit from this type of app.

Check out the Bing information page for more details on this and other apps: http://www.bing.com/explore/windows8search


Have you tried Smart Search? Or do you have another great app? We’d love to hear about it so write to us below.

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