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A Watch by Any Other Name

Gadgets, gizmos, devices – we’ve more than a few around the office. However the line might be drawn at a $17,000 bangle.

Much has been made of the hotly anticipated Apple watch, particularly the price tag of the upmarket Apple Watch Edition at a minimum $10,000. From where we sit, there are a few things about it that just rub us the wrong way:

1. If you were going to spend ten/s of thousands on a watch, wouldn’t you prefer some status – or bling – with that? A Tag Heuer or Rolex appeals to our sense of beauty and status in a way that the name Apple somewhat does not.

2. Something about an Apple watch seems to remind us of being 10 and really really needing a Casio Baby-G to feel in with the primary school crowd. Who needs playground angst as an adult?

3. It blurs the line between work and personal, on task and down time, with its multitude of functions. Phone, message, check the time or send your heartbeat to a friend. Seriously? There’s something scarily stalker about that particular aspect. Apple tells us on its website that “the Apple watch represents a new chapter in the relationship people have with technology” (Apple.com, 2015). We doubt we’re alone in our concern that there is never any escape from technology such as this. Exercise, at home with the kids, your connection travels with you. It’s hard enough to find a work/life balance without a weight strapped to your wrist!


Let’s be straight. To purchasers of this overpriced, under-styled do-it-all, this is a gadget whose prime function is anything but that of a timepiece. There seems to be two options – people will buy the watch simply as a display of disposable income, or it will be acquired as yet another way to stay connected, current and on the clock. Frankly, neither option appeals to us and we have better things to do with our time to worry about it.


Tech Heads – Work or Pleasure?

Is technology for work or pleasure?

As a household of tech-savvy Gen Y’s, gadgets and gizmos have long accompanied our family on trips away. Lately it seems everyone spends more time interacting with a digital screen than taking a step back and enjoying the serenity. So we read Charles Wright’s latest blog – available here: http://www.smh.com.au/digital-life/mobiles/phablet-fine-on-holiday-20140115-30tjn.html – with interest and a tongue firmly in cheek.

What we found surprised us. Wright considers the ways in which all our mobile technologies can help us relax as opposed to work:

“We installed the Amazon Kindle app and settled on the couch with a copy of The Book Thief…

Once we downloaded the Cricket Australia app, we were able to enjoy the latest instalments of the demolition of English pretensions to the Ashes”

 In our case, it’s only the tiny people of the household who endeavour to use the iPad for fun (cue various musical Fisher-Price app varieties). Even on holiday, our IPhones, Androids, iPads and compact laptops are present simply for keeping in touch with emails and responding to work emergencies. It was a revelation to think of the ways we could use technology for fun – cricket scores even!

In our office and our home, we have a very wide selection of technologies, from Apple to Android and everything in between. One of the best things we do every day is provide advice to our customers about what sorts of technologies would suit them best in the work environment. It’s something we really enjoy in keeping up to date on new devices, apps and platforms. Now we can consider the benefits of each from a fun perspective too, just adds to our interest.

Talk to us today if you’re considering purchasing a new device – for work or pleasure!

What do you like best about your favourite device?


Help! I need a website

Recently we revamped our website and honestly, it took a lot more time and pain than we had envisaged! Over time, our business has grown and evolved, and most of our old text and images simply weren’t appropriate. So it was back to the drawing board and it proved a challenge. We had to consider what to include and what not to include, the tone we would like to use in our text, what images would work for us and what they would say to customers, not to mention the layout and design choices on offer. Ultimately, we hope we have created a user-friendly, eye-catching site that will promote our business and services in the best way possibly. Luckily, we’re in the website business and should we decide we have found something a bit more exciting we will update our site again. For the moment, we’re happy! The following are our top tips for putting together your own website.


Top 3 Tips

  1. Get back to basics

Ask yourself some really simple questions – what does your business do or sell? What are your top five products or services? Who is your target market?

Essentially this is the main information you need to get across to everyone who discovers your website online. If you have existing promotional materials such as brochures or a catalogue, you’ve got a head start on what you need to write. Otherwise, just go back to basics and try to capture what your business does in a sentence or two. Then describe your main products or services, and why your business does these things so well. Then remember your customer! You might like to describe why customers come to you, or why your customers’ needs are unique. Your website is your chance to publicly promote your business. Try not to be overwhelmed by the task and stick to what you know best – your business.

  1. Just start!

A lot of our customers – and even ourselves – struggle with creating a whole website including an eye-catching design, smart punchy text and bright clear images. We found the trick is just to start! You may like to consider the conventional website page ideas including ‘Home’, ‘About’, ‘Services’, ‘Gallery’ and ‘Contact’ as a starting point. Most websites cover at least some of these sections, and sometimes a few extra pages specific to their business. Finally, remember that the entire purpose of your website is to generate business. Ensure that you contact details are clearly available on every page of your website. Include a ‘call to action’ (where you invite customers to contact you via the website) as often as you can within your text.

  1. Invest in your images.

The old saying “a picture tells a thousand words” is particularly true on the net. The best websites are those supported by beautiful photography and it pays for your business to spend some time and money in making sure you can display your products and services to their full potential. Whether you sell beauty products or a home cleaning service, images are important. Bright, colourful images can promote a positive and current idea, whereas images that include people suggest professionalism and a friendly attitude. Use your image selection to both augment your text and provide the right impression you envisage for your business.


Our best tip of all? Bring in some professional help. We’re happy to help you with your ideas and direction on your site. Contact us for a new look.


SOS – Search Our System

Since the launch of Microsoft 8, many people have struggled finding their way around their computer, particularly with the lack of a Start button. Add to that, the complication of not knowing where or how to search all files, photos and other bits and bobs that you have (and feel like are hiding!) on your desktop machine, other devices and in the cloud. Check out this useful YouTube that gives great ideas on how to find everything in one quick search – Smart Search!

Not only does this clever little design search quickly and easily, it does so straight from the start screen, and activates your findings immediately – for example, search the beginning of a song title and it can play prior to you finishing what you’re typing!

This is a Bing software design so it integrates your own files and photos, with Bing internet searches on the topic you have typed. This is super smart and best of all, presented in such a visually interesting and simple way that everyone can understand it.

Top 3 things we love:

-          How easy and simple it is to find everything

-          The extra information that Bing

-          The advice on what apps customers can use to help with their search

Admittedly, Bing is not our search engine of choice but we are quite impressed with this app. Anything that makes our life easier is a winner in our book, and we feel that many of you can benefit from this type of app.

Check out the Bing information page for more details on this and other apps: http://www.bing.com/explore/windows8search


Have you tried Smart Search? Or do you have another great app? We’d love to hear about it so write to us below.