Whether you need a contemporary website design to sell online, a savvy program for analysing the efficiencies within your business, or honest tech advice in a language you can understand, we will impress you with our results. Read more below about our ability to help you do business faster, easier and more effectively. When you’re ready to take the next step in your business, contact us to see what we can do for you.


Does your business need a solid online presence in a smart, functional and user-friendly website? We can help you to design a site that builds on your reputation, allows new customers to discover your business and creates a positive and lasting impression of your business. Put your business forward in a clear, concise and professional manner through the use of updated branding, clever features and integration with social media. A current and informative website not only promotes your business through information, it also gives you credibility and a place to display your achievements.


Keep It Current

Impress offers a full website service including ongoing maintenance of your website, such as updating project images on an online gallery or editting text as directed by you. However our websites can also offer the ability for you to take complete control of your website upon completion. Our Content Management System allows you to update, add or delete information and images on your own website, offering you the tools to be flexible, up to date and in control.


Packed with Features

All businesses are unique so our websites are too. We offer a vast array of functionality including tools like online shopping carts, live blogs, stunning galleries and many more. We work with reputable shopping tools such as CS cart, Woocommerce and Shopify to build your online store. Our websites can be created as a custom design or using your favourite WordPress theme. The options are limitless. Talk to us about your needs!

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Do You Tweet, Pin or Status Update?

Another important aspect of your website that we can help you achieve is connecting your site to social media. Facebook, LinkedIn, Google + and Twitter are all invaluable marketing tools for your business – let us show you how you can incorporate these tools into your online strategy. After all, if it doesn’t happen on Facebook, did it really happen?


Screen Size Does Matter

All businesses are unique so our websites are too. We offer a vast array of functionality including online shopping carts, live blogs, stunning galleries and much more. We work with reputable shopping tools such as CS cart, Woocommerce and Big Commerce, and our websites can be custom or created using a Wordpress theme. The options are limitless.


Your business is unique and you may require a custom application (app) development. Application development can offer you a solution to your business problem.

Our applications can include both hardware and software, and cover a vast array of business fields and requirements.

For example, you may have a program that works in your office that would be useful for you to use in the field or in a portable way. We can make that happen. Alternatively, you may have requirements that any one program off the shelf simply can’t fix for you.

We offer two main solutions for your business. Firstly, we can create custom software that integrates with your existing system, or we can start from the beginning and collaboratively design a fully functional application to suit your business and encompass all of your needs.  The options are almost limitless, so talk to us today about how we can help you.



Technology in business is vitally important and the best way a business can manage its systems is through a comprehensive strategy. Impress can help you in a myriad of ways to establish a regular maintenance plan that will ensure minimal disruption and downtime in the case of a system malfunction.


For example, are you aware of how old your desktop machines or business server are? Do you have a regular back up in place? Is the back up working?

Unfortunately many businesses are unprepared for the worst – where a server shuts down, cuts access to vital information and important data is lost – and it is only then that a business may contact us. We are always happy to help in emergencies, but we strongly recommend talking with us first to assist your business in remaining under control. To this end, we offer the following services:

  1. commitment to regularly check the status and health of your server
  2. remote monitoring of your workstations and all system equipment
  3. advice on equipment purchases including when and how to upgrade
  4. many more informative management options